Once a QAIite, always a QAIite. And thus, our alumni club is aptly titled Forever “QAIite”.
People who have traversed this journey have interesting thoughts to share:

Vaneeta Rastogi, Recruitment Manager with a leading e-learning solution provider: “I think its wonderful to be in touch with QAI energy again (though I never feel I was out of it). When I look back I almost go nostalgic and proud about wonderful moments and relationships we shared and what we accomplished being at the battle front all the time. But at the end of the day work was all fun !”

Neeti Garg, Corporate Communications Manager with a leading life insurance firm:Just as the Jenson and Nicholson catch line goes “Whenever you see colour think of us” similarly, whenever I see ‘energy and excitement’, I think of QAI, whenever I experience ‘Aha moments’, I think of QAI, whenever I witness ‘passion and spontaneity’, I think of QAI, whenever I see a lot of ‘great stuff happening’, I think about QAI and whenever I accomplish something, I thank QAI! So nothing could have described it more aptly than ‘forever QAIite’, for it will always BE.

Ramesh: “One cannot quantify QAI as, QAI looks different to different people fdue to its inherent ability to make the needed difference. Above all, QAI is a plateau where one can experience joy of employment in its true sense as, the faculties in hand are channelized and tested to its limits unlike, all other employments where, you always have to do something that you never like to do.That limits your satisfaction. I will call myself an “ENDURA QAI” [Esperienza Nicchia Dinamico Ultimo Rinforzato Amicizia QAI]. These are Italian words. “Esperienza” means Experience, “Nicchia” means Niche, “Dinamico” means Dynamic, “Ultimo” means, Ultimate, “Rinforzato” means Reinforced, “Amicizia” means Friendship. So, tying it all together, it means, “I continue to reinforce my relationship with QAI having had a dynamic, niche and ultimate experience”

Gautam Nadkarni, Consultant with one of the biggest firms in the world: “The phenomenon called “QAI” is really a great experience, which people carry forward even after moving on from QAI. The philosophy and tradition of QAI is something different than what is typically seen elsewhere. It reminds me of the japanese form of patriarchial business culture where the head of organization acts as a father figure and guiding force for all. The concentrated collection of intellectuals in QAI is very unique and stands apart.

QAI is a melting pot of ideas, action and some very energetic people. I am certain that it will always give birth to a league of extraordinary professionals – those who believe in working hard, having fun and making history!”

Shweta Narang , Business Development Manager with a leading MNC: “Every day in QAI has been a fire … a fire within me and each one of us that makes us a true QAI’ite. There’s so much that QAI has given me, both professionally and personally…”

Amrita Sapre: “As QAI flies high and touch the skies, all of us who have carried part(s) of QAI with us wherever we have gone will cherish and savour the success as well J What and where we are today, the success of that belongs a lot to QAI and the values it has instilled in all of us. Its cliched but you can take a good man/woman out of QAI but can’t take QAI out of them!”

Aravinda: Thank you for reaching out to connect me back to a place very dear in my heart. One is always connected in thought and looks back with pride and emotion on days that were. It’s like watching your baby taking giant strides!!