Adoption of Agile as the key software delivery method is almost becoming mandatory, as organizations strive to deliver faster to meet customer needs and changing environments. Transitioning to an agile process like Scrum, however, can be challenging. One of the key factors which influences the success of Agile adoption is the set of learning derived by applying Agile to a set of pilot projects. Pilot agility will provide an opportunity to try Agile to evaluate whether it will work and what practices bring maximum value to the business and organization.

Pilot Agility service offering from QAI places high emphasis on the selection of the pilot projects and how to maintain the right focus while implementing Agile. Working with structured approach and experience, QAI coaches and trainers will help organizations succeed in adopting Agile methods.


QAI proposes the services of a Senior Consultant in the role of Agile coach to ensure project teams’ successful transformation from traditional method to Agile/Scrum practices.

The major activities would involve due diligence and gap analysis of current practices w.r.t expectation of Agile Processes Providing feedback, mentoring support and trainings as needed to identify Agile/Scrum teams;  Sharing observations/recommendations with team will be a continuous activity; Helping the team to develop Agile coaches so that they can take it forward for the remaining sprints and commits.

The coach from QAI would involve in:

  • Providing subject-matter expertise and hand holding support
  • Act as a galvanizing force for teams on successful deployment of Agile/Scrum practices
  • Contribute in establishing a road map for the Agile transformation along with the sponsors
  • Provide oversight for the complete engagement
  • Providing insights into areas for improvements with a focus on outcomes
  • Address risks/issues/concerns in adoption with solutions to overcome bottle-necks and ways to institutionalize practices
  • Facilitate sprint planning, retrospective and sprint demo, help teams in building relevant metrics for the team to see how they are doing
  • Assist the product owner with keeping the backlog groomed
  • Ensure cross-team coordination
  • Conduct Short deep dive training/hand holding sessions at individual and team level as needed
  • Due Diligence Study / Capability Building Road map
  • Foundation Setting | Establishing Training, Process and Tools set up
  • Coaching and mentoring support | Deployment of Agile Methods and Tools
  • Complete Transition to Agile Methods | Agile coach enablement