There are tenets that we believe in, that run in the DNA of the company. These are things that are common to all QAIites, things that make QAI an Institution.  These are:

INTEGRITY : In all decisions and transactions
An overused term? Yes. But we take it very seriously at QAI. Integrity is about honesty at every level, giving it your best and worrying about the outcome. It’s a way of life.

CARING : For customers, partners, each other and self
Caring is the spine of relationships. And at QAI, we have relationships with our customers, with our partners, with ourselves and with our work. We care.

RESPECT : To everything
Respect is not demanded. It is earned. And at QAI, the only way to earn it is your work. We are focused to get the job done and we do it with enthusiasm and respect.

RESPONSIVENESS : To demands, requests and needs
Being a consulting organization,  we know how to make the customer experience satisfactory and thus, are very aware of the importance of being listened to.

EXCELLENCE : In everything
This is our differentiator and our team’s biggest strength. We are a diverse group of people who share the common ambition to make a difference.