Workshop Duration : 2 Days

 Workshop Overview 

Over the past decade, Extreme programming (XP) practices have helped many software development teams significantly improve development speed, code quality and responsiveness to changing requirements. The engineering practices of XP are being applied in Agile projects to achieve remarkable results in terms of successful SCRUM implementation, high productivity and low defect rates.

This two-day workshop on “Software Excellence using Extreme Programming Practices” provides a detailed explanation of Extreme Programming (XP) practices with a focus on some of the development practices of XP like Test-Driven Development (TDD), Refactoring, Pair Programming and Continuous Integration.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop aims to provide:

  • An understanding of Extreme Programming
  • A Deep dive into Test Driven Development, Refactoring, Continuous Integration and Pair Programming techniques
  • Participants will learn these approaches and techniques via interactive discussions, case studies, exercises and quizzes. Their expectations are tabled initially, and at the end of the Workshop, they are revisited to confirm whether all the expectations are covered or not.

Workshop Outline 

•  Introduction
•  Overview of Agile and Extreme Programming
•  Extreme Programming practices in detail
•  How to do Test-Driven Development and use Mock Objects
•  The importance of Continuous Integration and insights into this practice
•  How to detect “Code Smells” and Refactoring
•  The challenges of working with Legacy Code
•  Effective Pair Programming

Who Should Attend 

•  Software developers, development team leads
•  Development/technical managers