Many organizations who have successfully adopted agile in small pockets struggle when they want to make agile practices their standard way of delivering new systems. However for  achieving enterprise agility and for agile practices to become mainstream requires a different style of management and approach

QAI’s Enterprise Agility service Offering addresses basic needs of bringing changes in the management style, Focus driven approach through development of Agile COE’s, building effective surround infrastructure and systems for sharing learning’s and  broad basing agile transformation across the enterprise. It involves not only just defining organization road map for Agile transformation but also determine the next steps for individual and team level for scaling agile practices in their projects .

Main objective of the Agile CoE is to broad base effective Agile adoption across the organization. As a part of Agile CoE, organization can create a pool of Agile experts (Coaches and Mentors) who can go to different organizational units to :

  • Do an assessment,
  • Do skill gap analysis of project teams
  • Suggest right approach and tools for implementation of Agile
  • Assessing & improving the skill set and competencies of agile practitioners
  • Design and deploy supporting systems for effective Agile methodology adoption
  • Support in implementing Scale Agile Framework practices at enterprise scale, for geographically spread across large number of project teams.
  • Training, coaching and mentoring at various layers
  • Address resistance to changes through Continuous Communication: why, how and benefits of the Agile methodology adoption
  •  Establishing Agile COE Team
    • Identifying potential Agile coaches for Agile CoE Team
    • Establishing the Agile Coach Enablement Plan
    • Training Agile CoE team
  • Building necessary supporting systems for Agile CoE
    • To do assessments,
    • capture best practices,
    • administration of Competency development framework,
    • deploying effective agile practices and tools to project teams
  • Continuous mentoring, coaching and Evaluation of CoE team |
    • Mentoring, coaching
    • Providing hand holding support
    • Periodic evaluation of participants