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DevOps (a clipped compound of development and operations) is a cultural movement that emphasizes the collaboration of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. Organizations that have adopted agile software development are seeing increased frequency of production ready software delivered by Scrum teams. DevOps was essentially born from this increasing popularity of agile development. Agile and DevOps are similar, but differ in a few important aspects.

QAI provides a full range of Agile skill development trainings for individuals, project teams and organizations to successfully adopt Agile Methodology. QAI provides DevOps trainings, both public and in-house. We enable companies integrate their different functions and promote a culture that has its foundations based on the aspects of collective ownership, continuous learning through experimentation and transforming towards high business value goals in small non disruptive cycles.

Trainings and certifications we provide:

  1. DevOps Foundation by DevOps Institute, USA
  2. Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) by DevOps Institute, USA
  3. Certified Agile Process Owner (CAPO) by DevOps Institute, USA
  4. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
  5. DevOps Automation Technical Workshop
  6. DevOps Introductory Course – One day
  7. DevOps Introductory Course – Two days

QAI offers complete DevOps Tool Chain training programs across various levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced programs customised to Client Organization’s chosen Technology and Tool Stack combinations e.g. Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and others.

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